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Give your site visitors a beautiful experience that compliments the function of your site.

Limor Farber Design Studio provides visual design solutions that go hand-in-hand with your digital marketing strategy. Draw your site visitors into unique website environments while saving yourself administrative time.

Laura Lentz

LauraLentzWriter.com is the creative coaching and blog site of author Laura Lentz. The site features a workshop and events calendar, online workshop reservations, and inspirational tidbits for writers. We went with an island-meets-urban look for this ever evolving site.


 Hebrew With Tikva

Hebrew with Tikva is a is a language learning website for students who want to learn how to read Hebrew in a fun interactive way. The virtual course included animated audios to support learning to read the Hebrew Alphabet. The site will soon be complimented by a fun educational blog.



 BrainWave Alchemy

The BrainWave Alchemy is an e-commerce website that sells meditation audio downloads. Product and brand development consisted of logo design, merchandising graphics, web design and e-commerce pages. We designed a brand that represents the calm and elevated energy of brain-science based meditation products that support a relaxed, stable, and optimized state of mind.


 Sex & Medicine Summit

The Sex and Medicine Summit web page design was based around the launch of a week-long online event. It featured hour-long video panel interviews with leading health experts, plus a live broadcast.

Limor Farber Design Studio worked closely with the with the Summit host, project manager, technical partner, social media and email marketing team to design the site to fit the needs of the event.


Distinctive Website Environments • Rich Custom Imagery • Video & Audio  •  Custom Blogs • A website that adapts to your business needs • Social Media Integration • Mobile Responsive • Intuitive User Experiences • Interactive • Color Harmony • Mailing List Integration • Virtual & Downloadable Products • Custom Code •  E-Commerce Sites • Virtual Learning Sites and Management Systems • Membership Sites •  Affiliate Marketing Sites • Structured Workflows •  Strategic Organization and Planning • Clean Clear Professional appearance

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