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Define your brand. Be remembered. Differentiate from the competition.

Your organization is authentic. What you stand for is exemplary. Beauty attracts. Position your brand to showcase your unique specialization beautifully, attract your distinct audience, and popularize your company with original and consistently targeted messages.

Strong brand psychologically attaches greater recall value, is an asset in representing your company reputation, and provides a strong visual presence which communicates dedication to quality and excellence. Limor Farber Design Studio works closely with companies to define distinctive brand message across all visual communication platforms.

Resort Stay

Resort Stay is a luxury vacation travel accommodation company offering week long stays in condo-style resorts across the country at exclusive rates. They needed a brand which would define the quality of their services among their competitors, and a website that would accept online bookings while streamlining administrative tasks as the company expands their offerings.

Project: To establish the brand presence suitable to a national market and popular destinations with it’s roots in Hawaii. The brand needed to be attractive to both traveling professional and families,  be in sync with popular timeshare resort companies, and demonstarte the feeling of luxury, comfort and fun.

Design: Logo, Brand Identity, Website, Business Collateral, Style Guide, Brickwork Monogram Pattern, Breadfruit Motif, Custom Icons,  Ebay Store Template, Social Profiles, Custom Email Signatures.

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Botanical Love

Botanical Love is an herbal supplement and natural fragrance company that is committed to strengthening the health of both humanity and our natural environment. In support of sustainable agricultural communities and the cultivation of world class quality herbs, Botanical Love seeks out the finest, most amazing and potent medicinal plants from around the planet.

Project: To develop a brand message that represents distinctive high quality botanical products that is rooted in tribal wisdom and speaks to the earth loving culture.

Design: Hummingbird Logo, Heart Motif, Custom Lettering, Package Designs, Fragrance Line Design, Product Illustration, Website.

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BrainWave Alchemy

For BrainWave Alchemy we developed a website and brand presence that represents the calm and elevated energy of brain-science based meditation products that support a relaxed, stable, and optimized state of mind.

We chose a colors and imagery which are both relaxing and stimulating to reflect heightened brain potential. The light gender-neutral color scheme works in harmony with audio tools appropriate for anyone who wishes to quickly reach a meditative state of mind.

The site integrates e-commerce, affiliate marketing, mailing list integrated opt-ins and call-to-actions, and the delivery of virtual product downloads. Product and brand development consisted of logo design, merchandising graphics for the audio downloads, web design and e-commerce pages.

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Akamai Backyard

Akamai Backyard is a sustainability education program, permaculture referral service, and homeschool Yardening project dedicated to changing the world, one yard at a time. Logo development was shared with a group of middle school students, who learned in collaboration with the design process.

Project: Akamai Backyard needed a brand identity that is fun and inviting for their down-to-earth sustainability project. We chose a handmade feeling with rich island colors, earthy textures, and fun hand lettering. Between the letters of the word “akamai”, meaning “smart” in Hawaiian, are symbols representing the natural connection between gardening, aquaculture, and fungi.

Design: Brand Development, Custom Illustration and Iconography, Hand Lettering, Website and Blog, Film Poster, Invitations, DVD.

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Consciousness Awakened

This lifestyle brand focuses on products and services for the early parenthood years.

Flowing lines, rich earth tones, and soft pastels were chosen to compliment the brands focus on natural health, eco-conscious living, and motherhood.

The brand strategy included the development of icons, colors, and patterns corresponding to each of the three departments.


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